Monday, October 6, 2008

kids say the funniest things

Be careful what you say to your children. They remember everything!
Today I was in the doctor's office waiting for the doctor and Christopher was in there with me keeping me entertained. LOL anyway, he kept sitting in the doctor's rolling chair and I explained to him that was the doctor's chair and he wasn't allowed to sit in it, the doctor needed it when he came in. Christopher replied, "he doesn't own the chair." Of course I said, "yes he does". As quick as you can imagine years of children's church came rushing from his mouth and he said "NO he doesn't, God owns everything"

Once I pulled myself off the floor from laughing and not quite knowing how to respond to his logic and wisdom I let him know that yes God does indeed own everything but He also entrusts things to us as well and He has entrusted that chair to the doctor and we needed to respect God's plan for the chair.

Now, if you are finished laughing at our doctor's office conversation, you can indeed appreciate that kids remember everything you teach them. Teach them well. Pray for me as I teach mine and I'll pray for you as well.

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