Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day

On this beautiful Mother's Day

I look back on memories and wish I could say

…I'm sorry.


You see my son has turned 18

And I've looked back on the life I've led

I look back on mistakes I made

And what my mother must have felt

But a discouraging word was never said


She was always supportive and encouraging,

Always loving and constantly teaching

Looking back I remember seeing her

Always there waiting in the wings

For me to realize my mistakes

And there she was offering comfort and healing


A woman after God's own heart

I never met a woman who got closer

Though many tried to look the part

After years of refining and pruning

Now she stands before Him…Perfect


She taught me the most important lessons in life

To love God and his people with all of my might

I love you mom and I wish you were here

You'll be my mentor all of my years.

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