Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I have spent the last two weeks on vacation. In the past, some tragedy has always befallen our attempts at a family vacation, from broken bones to death of a loved one. But this time, the vacation went off without a hitch. We had fun! We visited with family we hadn't seen in six long years.

I was excited about "going home" and couldn't wait to see my family and be back home in the land of my birth. Excitment coursed through my veins and I loved every minute of it. Until, that is, I got homesick. I wasn't quite sure how this could be. I mean, after all, I was finally home! How could I be homesick? I wrestled with this for a while and came to the conclusion, I was homesick because I was away from home. But how could I have two homes? The answer was painful but obvious. You see, I was born and raised in Maryland. It was home. I married my husband and we had a wonderful life and a wonderful home there...for a season. But that season had ended and a new one had begun and this new season had included a new home.

There are seasons in our life and these seasons are constantly changing. Will another season take me away from my new home? I hope not, but I will be obedient to God's call. Oh how wonderful it would be if I could bring my family and loved ones back home with me. But I can't, I can only plan for my next visit with them.

The wonderful thing about vacationing, I have learned, is coming home. There's nothing like walking in to your home and being greeted by the animals that are insane because you're finally home, seeing the family or friends that you have been missing, and learning to appreciate your own bed, the familiarity of your own living room and the feeling of family the first time you walk back into your church.

There truly is no place like home and I for one appreciate it all the more today.

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