Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Count your blessings

As I sit and focus on God
my mind drifts to things rather odd
like why trees grow so tall
and why leaves change color in the fall

Then He speaks to me and to my knees I go
I would have published the answers if I wanted you to know
Some things take faith before you can see
Sometimes I just want you on your knees

He said each day count your blessings one by one
When you do this, the enemy will be gone
I have blessed you with love, friends, family even material things
yet you still wonder why i don't grant every dream

Sometimes these dreams are not for your good
I've never failed to provide a roof or some food
Just trust in Me and allow My will to be done
Stop playing God, the battle's already won
I'll grant you things you can't even dream
I love you this much
That's why I sent you my Son.

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