Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love never fails

I am on this mission to maintain patience. To truly surround myself by the fortress of God and allow him to be my strength and my patience. Undoubtedly when praying for patience you will be put in situations where you need to be patient.

Today I was supposed to meet a friend. A friend who tends to stand me up a lot. I will end up somewhere waiting and waiting. This time, I was stood up again and the situation she left me in was awkward, uncomfortable, and a bit scary. Having already had a difficult day, I didn't need the stress of the situation that she put me in on top of being stood up. I handled it. I prayed for the people in this situation and I went home. I went home feeling like I just wanted to give up on this relationship. It's so hard! I put in effort and I never get anything back. Half the time I'm left standing somewhere. I was just tired of people being inconsiderate, rude, and uncaring. Then I thought, wow, some pretty big rocks I'm throwing...hope my house isn't made of glass. How often do we leave God, our heavenly Father, thinking about how inconsiderate we are, rude, he puts in so much effort and never gets anything back. How many times have I done it to Him? I'm reminded again of the last part of that verse..."love never fails"
What does it mean to fail? I know that I give to people and love people because it's what God wants. I love people because God loves them. my Father tells us to love others and to give to them (seventy times seven) without expecting anything in return. And I don't expect to get anything from her but i guess i felt some consideration of my time and feelings would have been nice. So I move on from this day, feeling as if the Lord is showing me a little bit of something about myself and the person he wants me to be. Learning a little more about patience. Patience is loving someone who doesn't want to be loved, and waiting for the day that they will accept Jesus as their Savior. I long for that day. But I'll wait. God's timing is perfect.
Father, help me be a better person. Help me to love when it's hard.
"love never fails"

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