Saturday, December 27, 2008

Daily Rule

Recently, I was reading a book by Beth Moore titled "Breaking Free". It's been a great journey but one thing really jumped out at me and I thought I would share.

In one chapter she writes about how we need a daily walk with God and we need to allow him to lead us daily and she offers a very interesting illustration which I'll summarize. Imagine going to heaven and stand by God as he shows you what His plan for your life was. I begins with your birth and ends with your death and every day is outlined. You see footprints walking through each day. Most of those days you notice 2 sets of footprints sometimes going in different directions, sometimes intersecting. So you ask God, "are those my footprints every day and the second set of footprints are when you joined me?" God replies, "no the consistent footprints are mine and the second set are when YOU joined ME."

That really hit me. How often we go off thinking we know what is best for our life and we don't consult the one who gave us this life. Sometimes we look back at old hurts, resentments. Sometimes we get distracted and end up in a different direction. Sometimes, we just stop altogether because we can't let go of the past. But that wasn't God's plan for our lives. In the end we may turn out ok but God wants so much more for us. His plan is perfect, even though, to us, with our limited knowledge it may not seem perfect, it is. I want my footprints to intersect with my Father's. That can only be achieved with daily and constantly consulting with him. So my prayer for the new year is that I will have less days where you can see two set of footprints.

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