Monday, December 1, 2008

Quotes from the Cup

I looked at my starbucks cup this morning and i love the quotes they put on there so I read it. This one was rather profound so I thought I would share it.
Tim Russert from meet the press: "You can shower a child with presents or money, but what do they really mean, compared to the most valuable gift of all - your time? Vacations and special events are nice, but so often the best moments are the spontaneous ones. Being there. Every moment you spend with your child could be the one that really matters."

I asked a friend this past week when my teenage son was having a problem, what do i do to get him to open up to me. He just won't talk to me. He shared that the most wonderful talks he has with his kids are in the car. He has a captive audience. And it made me think about all the times that Ken and I share that are just "ours" and he opens up a good deal during those times. It's times when we "sneak" out at 10pm and get a milkshake or when we sit and "watch" our favorite tv show but do more talking than watching. It dawned on me that the reason that tv show is my favorite is because we talk so much and he really opens up during that time. Maybe that's why he likes it too?

My point here is that sometimes we try and make our time with our kids too complicated. We plan these grand events or take a pry bar and try and get them to talk to us when in reality we have so many moments that are so natural, we could miss them. Sometimes, a simple walk or a trip to the ice cream store, or a story time at bedtime is more important than any vacation or xbox could ever be.

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