Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keep on Rolling

This weekend at church Pastor Chris talked about changes. God never changes...everything else does. This caused me to reflect on the past year.

In the last 15 months my mother died, my oldest boy graduated high school and started college and in my family my boys had 5 broken bones.

Pastor Chris gave a wonderful illustration of how we get through the changes in life that naturally happen. He mentioned the movie Twister where 2 people held on as tight as they could to water pipes that ran very deep underground. They tethered themselves to these pipes as the tornado raged all around them. That is how we should hold on to God as the storm rages around us. Hold tight to the truth that God never changes. Hold tight to His promises. He is always faithful and will work everything for the good of those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.

If my mother were still here, I would be far too busy with doctor's appointments and would not be able to be as involved as I am at my church. I wouldn't be able to work in women's ministry. I miss my mother terribly but the truth is, the change happened and God used it for good. The same thing is true about my father's passing. Had he still been living I never would have agreed to move across the country so far away from him. I never would have found this amazing church or formed the fantastic friendships that I have, I'm not even sure I would be homeschooling my kids. The horrible change came, which I never would have wanted, and God used it for good.

Whatever changes you may be going through, tether yourself to God and His promises. He will be there and He will work it for good, even though it may seem like nothing good could possibly come from it.

I hate change! And yet, I thank God that He is the one in control of the changes.

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