Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Day

This morning I enter the gardens and the busyness of the world seems to melt away. Outside of the gardens, the people continue to hurry to work but inside is a protected sanctuary. The thick clouds hang low in the sky blocking the sun from peeking through. But the shining sun isn't needed to find the peace that fill this garden sanctuary. The music fills the air and everywhere are traditional chinese beginning their dance. Notice the peace on their faces as they slowly perform their routine that has been memorized by the decades. Among the flowers, they center themselves for the day that lies ahead of them and find their peace. Among the flowers, I do the same only in a different way that has been memorized by the decades.

I close my eyes and listen to the sounds that surround me. The gentle Chinese musics, the trickling of the water in the fountains, and the birds greeting one another with their morning song. I can smell the scent of the flowers, too many to name and with the breeze comes the scent of breakfast at a nearby diner. I focus in on God. center....center...center...Guide me today Lord. Guide my steps, my actions, my words and my thoughts. Make your plans for me today Lord. Lead me...center...center. I open my eyes and notice the church in front of me in the far off distance. An older building with beautiful pillars and steeple. The doors are open, inviting the people to come..."Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest..."

Directly in front of me I can see God's masterpiece all around me and I marvel at His work. So many colors; virbrant red, gentle pink, golden yellows, precious orange, and greens of every shade. God has painted an amazing picture today. All over the city and all over the world, the scenes look different but the intent is the same. The beauty of this day brings glory to God. As I begin my day, my prayer is that I will do the same. Good morning God! Thank you for this beautiful day.

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