Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my husband's 39th birthday. 11 years ago I married my love and although we agree on most of everything in life there are a few things in which we don't see eye to eye. One of these things would be how to spend your birthday. You see my idea of a birthday well spent is surrounding myself with my kids. Birthday breakfast in bed in which the hubby and kids would make and then clean up, but that never happens so I'll settle for some coffee, it's the love that counts. I would play with the kids all day, no housework done on the birthday, go out for a relaxing birthday dinner, maybe even have some cake. But the main thing about my birthday is that I want a day of no kids fighting and the family just playing together. That's a great birthday for me. Now the rule in our house is that it's your birthday so you should get to call the shots of how the birthday is spent. My husband's idea is sleeping. He wants to nap, get some sushi, nap some more and allow my kids and I to lavish him at dinner time. I'm not sure why this is his activity of choice on his birthday but it is his birthday and he should get to spend it however he wants. So as I sit here writing this birthday longing, my husband lays in bed napping. And I sit here like I have ants in my pants waiting to shower him with love and gifts and his favorite meal. I get so excited about birthdays and I just want to celebrate. He works hard and his idea of celebrating is taking the day off and napping. Don't get me wrong, I am glad he gets to do whatever he wants on his birthday, I'm glad he gets to relax and rest on his much deserved day off. I'm also glad that he allows us to lavish him for a time later today. Because he is the love of my life and I want to celebrate his life. I want to celebrate the day that God chose for his birth and celebrate another year of being able to love him.
Birthdays aren't about the age, it's about celebrating a life and I am very grateful for his.
So God, thank you for Virgil. Thank you for his life and his love and his spirit. Thank you for sending him to me for a lifetime.

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