Saturday, August 9, 2008


I went out last night with a very good friend and we saw the movie Mama Mia. It was a lot of fun. We had a great time and really enjoyed each other's company. We had invited the other mom's from our homeschool group but alas it was just the two of us.

Now I know this is hard to believe but as a mother, a Christian, a wife, at 35+ year old woman I do still know how to have fun. Our mom's nights are a lot of fun. We don't drink, we just go out and let our hair down, enjoy each other's company and have fun. So the question is, who wouldn't want to be part of that?

I know that life gets in the way and people have husbands and children and can't always get away on the same night to have some fun but certainly more people should have been able to come out and play with us. So what's the problem?

We were talking the other night at church about creating a spirit of community at church where people didn't just go to church together but were friends with each other and we could go to the movies together or arrange to go for a hike as a group or something like that. So what stops us from doing that? I think it comes down to the very basic belief that we are just too busy. We are so busy with work and family and serving and whatever else that we don't have time to stop and have a little fun, smell the flowers so to speak. God didn't create us to work like a dog and isolate ourselves from other people. He created us with a zest for life. When Jesus came to earth he had some fun! Yes he was here to do serious work but I'm sure you can imagine Jesus as a child playing with his brothers and sisters, wrestling with them on the floor, being a kid. There were times when Jesus left the crowd to be alone. He needed to pray, He needed to talk to his father, maybe he just needed to get away from it for a minute.

My son is stressing out because he's 17 and he thinks he has to grow up and be this stuffy adult. Who is he kidding? Yes, the amount of responsibility does need to increase. Yes, he should have a job and college will be a bit harder. Yes, there will be bills to pay. But if I have taught him nothing in this life it is that you have to stop and smell the roses. Make some time in your schedule to enjoy something. Does it mean you have to do something completely selfish? No, I often have a wonderful time and feel very refreshed after feeding the homeless or helping a friend move, or decorating for a wedding. But there are also times when I go off by myself with a friend or 2, leave the kids at home and take care of that little part of me that needs to be let her hair down.

Life is too short, dance, laugh, live, love. Make a friend and make sure they know they are special. Go out on a mom's night or a dad's night, or a teen night or a singles night or for a hike with friends. Whatever the case may be or the option that is presented that applies to you. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. And have a little fun! Life is more fun when you have a community to share it with.

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