Monday, August 11, 2008

Listen to the Music

Ok, so I just received an email about someone who is facing the "jump and the net will appear" but what happens when you have multiple ways to jump and you don't know which way God is leading you. This is a very real question. Even for the seasoned Christian this can be tough. You think you are hearing from God but you're never quite sure.

Recently, one of our elders spoke about how you hear God. Now we all experience God is different ways, and "hear" him differently. Some hear God through all different types of books, some hear God through music, or through His written word in the Bible, others feel a tugging on the Spirit and can sometimes almost audibly hear God. However you hear God, first you have to be silent. Our elder spoke on meditating with God.

I love this part, get away some place alone and free of distraction. Clear your mind and focus on God. Breathe deeply and slowly and just focus on God. Many things will try and distract you. The first time I tried this I was interrupted by children who woke up way too early and just had to know the lyrics to the song There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. Another time I tried it, I fell asleep and got some much needed rest but didn't hear from God. Don't give up! It will be worth it. Give yourself 20 minutes a day of just being still and quiet and focusing your attention on God. When you are silent and still and focused on the Conductor, you will hear the music. Remember, when the Conductor approaches the his musicians and lifts his little stick he finds musicians that are completely silent and still, focused on him, ready to perform. Are you poised?

If anyone tries this, share your stories with me. The funny ones are great to hear and the ones where you hear from God are even better.

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