Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama?

Ok, so it's November 5th and we officially have a 44th President. His name...President Barak Obama. This is not a day to to denounce your country because your guy didn't win. It's not a day to gloat that Obama won and I told you so. Let's leave the pettiness of party behind and celebrate that we have a new president. Today is the day to pray for the future of our country, the war, our economy and whatever issues are important to you. Let's lift up our nation in prayer and let's lift President Obama in prayer. I'll tell you my election night story and include my prayer at the end. Feel free to include one of your own.

My Story goes something like this. I took my son and his girlfriend to a Rise Against concert. Let me tell you, this was a fun night. I haven't felt so young in quite a while. The music literally coursing through my body. I could actually feel it. Looking around at all the kids who just are there to have fun and dance. Worry free and not a care in the world that night. The opening band is on stage and they announce, it's official, Barak Obama is the next president. It was then that I realized I was in a crammed room of nothing but Obama supporting democrats. I learned a lot last night. Those kids who had not a care in the world, were deeply concerned about this election and many were wearing their I Voted stickers. These are the next generation who care about politics and global warming and a host of other things. I also realized, I'm not as young as I used to be. The woman behind me screaming in my ear and killing me with her bouncing, weapon like breasts beating my in the back as she jumped up and down. The mosh pit! I still don't understand the mosh pit. The near riot that broke out when they discovered who had won the presidency just because they were excited. Oh to have that kind of excitement again. Then I thought, you know if some of these would put that kind of excitement into following Jesus. Wow! Imagine how much of the world we could change. I felt like breaking out in song of one of my favorite Christian bands and see if anyone would join along. I left there tired, exhausted really, my feel hurt, my back hurt, my head hurt and I smelled like the sweat of everyone around me. But it was worth it to have that insight into the lives of the next generation. It was rather eye opening. If I happen to go to one of these again, I'm getting a chair seat in the balcony, lovingly referred to as the old people section. Color me old.

My Prayer: Father in heaven, thank you so much that you hold this country in your hand. I thank you that you will take this presidential election and this country and create change in the coming four years. I trust that you will be in control. I ask that you forgive our country for our many sins and arrogances. my prayer is that this country will once again be a country of honor and integrity and I pray for our new leader(s). I pray that you will be first on their hearts and that they will be quick to listen to your guidance. I pray that they would have strength in the coming years to endure whatever may come, I pray that they would have integrity and honor, and I pray that you would protect our new president. I trust in your plans for our leaders and our country and I give it up to you. I ask that you would inspire each American to do their part in service around their community, in supporting our economy, and in continuing to pray not just today but for the next four years for this country and this administration. I pray that President Obama would seek you first in selecting his cabinet. I pray these things in Jesus name. Amen

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