Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Last Week

Well, it's our last week of the fast. You know, many wonderful things have happened this week. I've spent such great time with God and my family. I'm really enjoying the Lord's presence.

One thing I have noticed today is that the attacks that have been coming for the past two weeks have suddenly amped into overdrive. The enemy HATES what we're doing! He HATES that we're successful at growing closer to God. He wants to rob of us that relationship. He wants to derail us and get us off track. He wants us to FAIL.

Now, when I think of that I hear music in my head, usually the theme from Rocky (yes, Eye of the Tiger is my fighting music) and I start shadow boxing around the house and audibly telling the devil where he can go and how to get there. I've been praying and listening to music that will be uplifting. These attacks are NOT going to get me. I have a God that has already been victorious.

But I also know, that the enemy will try and attack the most vulnerable first. He will try and isolate that person so that their faith is weakened. I've seen it happen today. My husband was under attack and he sent me a text message and asked if he could go for a drive and think. Now, I'm not one to tell my husband what he can and cannot do but I said no. The enemy wants you to be isolated even if for just a little while, so he can tempt you.

Either in fasting or in life in general, isolation can be deadly. Surround yourself with trustworthy people that you can talk to and be real with. Pick up the phone and call when you are tempted or hurting. And call on the strength of God. Ephesians says "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power". He's powerful! He will make us strong.

So that being said, I encourage us all (myself included) to finish strong! Put on the Rocky music this week, do some shadowboxing and tell that enemy where he can go, and take your faith to the next level.

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