Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Grateful Home

My 9 year old normally says, as we clean our house and listen to music, "a clean home is a happy home". However, what I've been learning this week is that a grateful home is a happy home.

We have been trying to recognize grumbling, complaining, and negative attitudes this week and boy have we recognized them. What I found is that early in the week it was a little difficult to catch myself being negative or complaining. But now, by the end of the week, it's so very easy to recognize the thoughts before they ever leave my head and cross over my lips. It can be difficult to take those thoughts captive and change them into something positive. But, like most things, the more I practice, the easier it becomes. I'm taking this time to teach my son how to do the same thing. Let's change that negative statement into a positive one. Not always easy, but it is possible.

God calls us to be the life of Jesus to those around us, to be the visible expression of His son to the world. And we can't do that if we can't even recognize our own negative words or thoughts. If you stop and think about each and everything you say, you may be surprised how many of them are actually negative and you don't even realize it.

I'm enjoying this journey with my family. And last night, as we sat at dinner and continued our new tradition of naming something we're thankful for, I looked at my family and couldn't help but notice the happiness and harmony that resides within our home. I can't help but think that this certainly must have something to do with some exciting gratitude tantrums throughout the week.

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