Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Tribute for my Mother for Mother’s Day

My mother passed away one cold day in November.

I loved her deeply, now she's simply gone.

Her life was not as glorious as some,
Devoted to her children and their children,
She lived her life to give to others Jesus' life.

There are those who shape many lives with love,

Whose pleasures, rich and full, are found in giving;
Without her all the gold's gone from the day;
She will be missed far more than we can say

My mommy lived her life for the love of her friends and family

Neither asking nor wanting anything in return
Others joy was her joy,

When we were cut, she too would bleed,

She lives on in the sparkle in our eyes:
Laughing, quiet, gentle, loving, wise.

Her love was so strong, so much a part of me.

God knew from the start how special she was

Made in His own image and gave her the biggest heart.


My mother was a teacher, taxi driver and the maid,

Counselor, cook and of course my friend always at my aid.

My mother was a special person
God knew His work was complete
When He created someone that could do SOOO much on her own two feet.
She was a Christian, on Him she did depend

Through illness, loss and longsuffering, she trusted Him to no end.
She displayed the fruit of the Spirit and a helping hand she was willing to lend.
Mothers are special people
God tells me so each day
For if it weren't for my mother and Him I wouldn't be one today.

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