Monday, March 29, 2010


The topic of forgiveness has been coming up a lot lately. Our pastor recently spoke on this topic. And this week my lesson in recovery class is on forgiveness. Forgiveness is not saying the offense was ok. It is not forgetting the offense occurred. Much can be learned from these experiences.

To forgive means you have to first admit that there was an offense. too often we spend time in denial not ready to admit that we were vulnerable. But forgiving is simply giving up control that you really don't have in the first place. Do you have the right to judge someone? No. None of us do, only God can judge. As we give up control and letter go or the bitterness that has poisoned our hearts, we letter in Gods love and grace. You may have to forgive several times. But if you ask God to give you a heart of forgiveness He will be faithful to respond.
May I never stop learning what forgiveness looks like and may I be open to Christ's leading and teachings.

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