Thursday, March 18, 2010

Am I Forgivable?

Today I led a group of amazing women in a small group setting at church and it was such an amazing night. The topic was on fear. As God has a habit of doing, He was prompting me to share my greatest fear, the fear of judgment. I am afraid that people are going to see right through me to the person I used to be and know that I have been broken, that I have been sinful and worldly, and that I have had so much shame in my life and that they would judge me and look down on me.

So tonight, I shared with these women, some of the deepest parts of me and I was met with acceptance and love. There were no shocking stares, there was no condemnation. There was love and acceptance just like I received from God. You see, I had asked God for forgiveness and I knew I had received it. I had worked through the shame and guilt but before I had done that, I had judged and condemned myself so it was natural for me to think that others would to. I felt that they would look at me and think I can't be a leader in a church, I'm sinful and flawed. But you see, that's why I can lead sinful and flawed people, because we're all on this journey together.

If you get nothing else in life, I want you to really understand this. No matter what you have done in your life, if you come to God in repentance and ask for forgiveness, He WILL forgive you! His grace is sufficient for you no matter what. I can tell you that, because I have been forgiven much and you can too.

Reach out to God and ask for it and then be willing to receive it. He's waiting for you, and He is sufficient for you.

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