Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Love much?

Today I said goodbye to a dear friend. My friend Felicia moved here from Oklahoma about 2 years ago. She was sweet and funny and she, Katie and I hit it off immediately. We were instant friends. Unfortunately, due to the downturn in the economy she and her family are now headed back to Oklahoma. So we went to the park to let the kids play one final time and say goodbye to our friend. It was really hard and although I promised myself I wouldn't, more than a tear or two was shed.

This heartbreak led me to this post, it's all about love. This life is short and fleeting and we should all stop and ask ourselves if we have loved much. Because in this life, what's important is how you loved. I have loved much. I lost my darling grandfather when I was in middle school. I lost my father seven years ago and my mother 2 years ago. I have loved friends and seen them leave. And what I've learned through the heartache of so much loss is that I would do it all again. I would still love, in spite of the incredible pain of loss.

Why? Because my life is better for it. Because the pain of loss lasts for a bit but the joy of having them in your life lasts forever. So I encourage you to love much and love often. And when the pain of loss comes, savor the moment, because it means that not only did you love someone, but that you were also loved in return.

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