Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can we block God's blessings?

A couple of weeks ago, I had a terribly busy week. I was planning an event and I had several cancelations, and this was causing me great stress. I began to pray that God would show me to replace them with, that He would work out all the details and that he would take this feeling of stress away and replace it with His peace and love. I prayed with groanings in my spirit. At that very moment while I was praying, I began to feel this enormous wave of emotion. Wave isn't even a big enough word for it. But have you ever been to the ocean and been out right where the waves were breaking and you could feel the wave break right over you and wash all over you. That's what I what, only instead of water it was God's love and peace. I was brought to tears at the enormity of His love for me. That He would take that time to minister, just to me.

A week later I was still thinking about that moment with God and I began to wonder, why after my mom died it took so long to feel His peace. I asked Him for His peace but I didn't feel it. Why didn't I have access to it then. The answer He revealed to me, was simple. I may have asked for it but I didnt' want it. I thought I wanted it. But I was so focused on my hurt, that I wasn't focused on God. So often when we are focused on our hurt, we put up walls around our hearts so nothing can get in. Unfortunately, we also don't let God in. If we don't let Him in, He can't minister to us and heal our hurt. He won't go where He's not truly invited. I may have asked Him for His peace but I wanted Him to give it to hand it to me over the wall.

So can we block out God's blessings? I believe we can. He wants to minister to us. We are so precious in His sight that He will take time to minister to us individually in ways we cannot imagine. But we have to be open and allow Him to. He wants all of us, are you willing to give it to Him? Have you ever had a time where you wanted God to fill you with His peace but you didn't receive it? If so, search yourself and ask if you were really open and fully surrendered to Him.

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